Seek in your heart the Allmighty

Seek in your heart the Allmighty
Drosh Elohim Bekirbecha

Original Hebrew Text: Schachar Mario Mordechai
Music: Gideon Efreati


Seek in your heart the Almighty
As a child of mankind and of God;
But keep His name out of your fighting–
And keep your faith pure, not tarnished with blood.

Imagine in your heart what would happen
If a secular prayer rose to the Throne
Give it room to ascend to the glory of Heaven;
Don’t coerce; don’t steal God for your own.

If compassion joins hands with love–
there we will wait Like two brothers when autumn is nigh;
Please believe–even in those who do not believe–
Please don’t preach hate–For your words may send thousands out to fight,
And condemn thousands to die!

Remember this in your prayers every day, every evening:
Keep belief and bloodshed apart–
Yes, and you, unbeliever, please begin to believe,
For your people is part of your heart.

Translation for the English version: Sharon Neeman