Ranot in Germany

During Ranot’s last fortnight-long concert tour through Germany that took it to various cities and venues–some under the auspices of international festivals and ceremonies–a unique program was presented bridging East and West from Hassler, Vittoria, and Mendelssohn through liturgical and folk melodies from various cultures, sung in Ladino, Yiddish, Yemenite, and Arabic, to both Israeli classics and gospel songs. Several pieces were composed and arranged by Conductor Gideon Efrati especially for this successful tour, among them:

  1. Lecha Dodi, S.H.Elkabets 16th Century / Jemenite & Italian version.
  2. Shalom Aleichem • Peace be unto you, From the prayer books / Traditional
  3. Uveyom Hashabbat • During the Sabbath day; Numbers 28.9
  4. Hamavdil • Shavua tov–A good week to all, Rabbi Y.Iben Giat / Traditional Sabbath hymns, and more…
Kitzingen–Old Synagogue
Memorial Service  at Dachau concentration camp
Thannhausen, a morning of farewell