Leah Goldberg

Tapestry of Darkness & Light (December 2011)

A musical performance at the Southern Arava Auditorium marking 100 years since the birth of poet Leah Goldberg, featuring Ranot Vocal Ensemble, a local youth ensemble, and actors, for which new melodies have been expressly composed for the poems:

  • Shirei sof haDereh [End of the Road]
  • Ahavata shel Tirza Dimon [Tirza’s Love]
  • Al HaDeshe (Nemlonet) [On the Lawn (Little Ant)]
  • BeYom zeh [On This Day]

As well as new arrangements for Goldberg’s poems already set to music, including:

  • Hi – (Boi kala) [Her–Come, O Bride]
  • HaHar haYarok [The Green Mountain]
  • VeLo haya beineinu eleh zohar [Nothing Between Us But Splendor]
  • Maryonetot [Marionettes]
  • Mechora sheli [My Native Land]
  • Erev mul haGilad [Evening Facing Gilead]
  • Aht tilchi baSade [You’ll Walk in the Field]
  • LeMi sheEino ma’amin [Who so ever Doesn’t Believe]
Lea Goldberg as a child
You tube: My native Land
You tube: My native Land
Nothing Between us but...
Nothing Between us but...