Educational work

  • flextumb_mini.jpgThe end-of-the-year recital by Ronit Debowey’s voice students on Saturday 8.6.2013 in the Southern Arava Auditorium.
    Vocalists: Kai Avital • Ola Garnovskaya • Gal Katz • Mika Shlomi • Ilai Ron • Hagar Kugler • Shir Chayim • Tzlil Chayim • Sivan Berkovich • Shoshan Eden • Roi Sela • Elian Roth • Vika Solzhetz.
    Musical accompaniment: Mike Harris: Drums • Shai Ramos: Percussion • Yahli Librach: Classical Guitar • Eyal Tapash: Electric guitar • Lior Lin: Bass guitar.
    Piano, accordion, arrangements, and artistic direction: Gideon Efrati. more

  • pesekseman.jpgTunes and Talents / Local Vocals
    Education or the work of education entails an eternal search for deep channels of expression, creativity, and imagination of both children and adults. Via these channels, we create the possibility of expressing emotion and creating. The entire concept of performing arts is one of the means to achieve this, singing being perhaps the deepest available to humans, as the vocal chords are the innermost instrument of all, being constantly played by the imagination and entering into the furthest reaches of the soul. more

  • Pitzicanto Life is beautifulBeautiful That Way–La vita è bella
    Theme from the Roberto Benigni motion picture "La Vita e Bella" (Life is Beautiful). Sung by the Pizzicanto Children's Choir, conducted by Gideon Efrati, As performed in "In the Beginning: Voyage" at the Southern Arava Renewable Energy Conference, February 2011, directed by Ayelet Krispin. more

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