Ramat Ha Negev Singers

Ramat haNegev Singers
The Ramat haNegev Singers (RNS) is a local vocal ensemble drawing its members from the Ramat haNegev outlying region as well as Beer Sheva and its suburbs.
RNS’s musical director is composer, vocal and musical arranger, and pianist Gideon Efrati. more

Engedi Vocal Ensemble

Engedi Vocal Ensemble
Kolit Ein Gedi KEG is a chamber ensemble comprised of 15 vocalists who make their homes at Kibbutz Ein Gedi, on the shores of the Dead Sea, Earth’s lowest spot. KEG is in its 35th year, and is sponsored by the Tamar Community Center. Gideon Efrati, KEG’s conductor and arranger, has returned after an eight-year hiatus. more

Tamar Trio

Trio Tamar
The Tamar Trio vocal ensemble was founded in 2012 by composer, arranger, and pianist Gideon Efrati under the sponsorship of Tamar Community Center. The trio is comprised of three talented song stylists: Efrat Caspi, Abigail Geva, and Noa Tzengowker, all of Kibbutz Ein Gedi. more

Wishfull Singing

Wishfull Singing ist a top-ranking international a cappella ensemble consisting of five young female singers from the Netherlands. Their repertoire covers a great variety of styles. more